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What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of preparing a web page or web site for higher rankings or placement within search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

What is involved in SEO?


First, we look into your industry along with your products and services to establish the market activity. This research will also indicate whether your site is suitable for our SEO Services or not. While most sites are suitable, not all are.


Assuming an SEO campaign will be profitable for you we then analyze your site. During search engine optimisation analysis we also compare your site with the best in the world, then try to make yours better.

On-Page search engine optimisation: What is it?

With our SEO research and analysis complete, we can begin to optimize your site for the most suitable and profitable search terms used by those seeking your products, service or information in particular.

Off-Page SEO: What is it?

Once your site has been prepared for the search engines, we perform the off-page SEO. This involves promoting and advertising your site via proven online avenues. Doing this correctly will increase the prominence of your site on the web, in turn assisting your search engine rankings – the object of all SEO services.

Pricing and timeframe: what you can expect from Hit Me Please’s SEO service

What is the cost of Search Engine Optimisation?

As mentioned on our home page, we offer three different monthly plans suited to different traffic-based SEO objectives. Outside of this though, pricing will vary based on factors such as your objectives, website status, what industry you compete in and so on. For example, getting a website well ranked on Google, Yahoo and MSN requires a different approach from performing SEO only for Google.

How long does it take?

Naturally, this will vary with the size and scope of the project. On average though we have the search engine optimisation research, analysis and optimisation completed within two weeks. After this, it is up to each individual search engine and when they update their index – most do this at the end of each month. Once this occurs you will start to see an increase in traffic to your site along with improved rankings, which will further improve over time.

Are there any guarantees with SEO?

In regards to actual rankings within the search engines, no: It is unethical to do so as rankings are assigned by the search engines themselves and not us. What you will receive is a minimum number of unique qualified leads to your site. This means each lead provided is actually looking for your products and/or services in particular. ‘Unique’ refers specifically to a different person visiting your site, not someone coming back for a second look.

What does the start-up cost cover?

The start-up costs cover all the initial SEO research and analysis performed when evaluating your site, industry, products and services. A great deal of work goes in to creating an effective SEO campaign outline for your site, not to mention the years we have spent developing our systems and technologies for search engine optimisation.

Our track record!

At present we are delivering our clients more than what they are paying for in terms of the traffic being delivered. As for achieving top rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN, we have a 100% strike rate. What is the best way to boost your online presence as a business? Talk to us at Hit Me Please about using SEO to your advantage!


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