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SEO Process Manual

Hit Me Please SEO Process Manual & Guidelines

If you want to go it yourself, you will need to know what SEO is, how it works and how to go about doing it on your own site.

This ebook will provide all the information that you need to do search engine optimisation on your own website. It will go through the following points:

1. The Initial Process - Here you will learn how to analyse your business & website so that you can check if it is viable for search engine optimisation.

2. Project Research - Here you will find out how to do the correct research so that you can find the keywords that your site should be ranking for and how to get more traffic to your site.

3. Analyse & Audit - Find out not only how to analyse your website but also your competitors so that you can work out what needs to be done to get your website ranking above theirs. Which reports will you need?

4. Optimise & Implement - Ok, it is time to optimise your site... this section will show you what to optimise, what to chagne and how to go about making the changes. This is the longest section of the ebook.

5. Review & Report - First make sure that you have the correct setup in place to analyse the results and then go ahead and analyse the results from the optimisation process and see if anything further needs to be done.

6. Scope & Scalability - What about if you want to show up on more search engines then Google or want your site to be optimised for the world to see rather then just your country? Then this section is for you.

7. Other Techniques - On page optimisation & off page optimisation are just the start, there are a few other techniques within these that can help you with getting traffic to your site and achieving better rankings in the search engines. Here we list a few.

There is much more information that you will find useful in your mission to optimise your site, we provide information on software and tools that you can use.

If after purchasing this ebook you decide that you want to take up our SEO services, we will gladly knock off the ebook purchase price from the startup price.

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