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Colleagues Hi again,

Google search engine optimisation. Well, everyone’s talking about that at the moment.

We’ve noticed a large number of small to medium business becoming interested. Survival in business in this day and age is really dependent on your business’s ability to be found on the Internet.

Search engine optimisation is a complex world

There seems to be a lot of companies out there who seem to be able to provide a solution to your search engine optimisation needs. These SEO companies promise many things, from a number one position on Google (which is unethical) to a guaranteed result. Across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the many search engine optimisation options available often confuse those who just want to get on with the business of running their business. It is our opinion that unless you have a passion for the Internet, it’s really not something you need to become an expert in.

Let us be the search engine optimisation experts

We have spent the past five years gathering together all of the information we possibly can about search engine optimisation to almost guarantee online success through our SEO services. We only work with our current clients with whom we have built a website and a relationship. We make sure we are doing as much work as we possibly can. There are so many ways to waste money online if you don’t know what you are doing. Search engine optimisation is one of them.

While choosing an SEO company to help you with your natural listing, I recommend the following:

  • Make sure they have had search engine optimisation success already
  • Make sure there are no contract periods
  • Make sure it is completely affordable without causing you stress and putting pressure on the business
  • Make sure that you understand it may take months to see results

“Hit Me Please” is a business that has been built based on our own needs and the needs of those businesses “Sites N Stores” has helped. There is a certain level of trust involved in our process. This is why if you have worked with us already you know that we always go above and beyond. Loyalty is important in our process also. We trust that when we start helping you create success, you will return the favour. We have offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and are all too happy to arrange a meeting to discuss our SEO services and what they could do for your business.

Money to us is just a transfer of effort and so we want to give you more effort than what you have paid for. It’s just the way that we like to do things. We want you to know that if we suggest something online then it is our fervent belief that it is absolutely necessary.

You are quite welcome to do all of your own research for the next five years but I am confident that you will return to us exclaiming how much value we seem to be providing. You see, our SEO services are TRUE VALUE. The more stable you are as a business, the more stable we are. Remember, we are just people wanting to enjoy every moment of our lives. The easiest way to do this is ethically with honour and humour. If you are disappointed in us then it greatly impacts us. So just know that we are always attempting to give you the very best in the world.

Please have a look around our site and choose which level you would like to start at. New domain names are really only suitable for the $97 + GST per month package, but don’t worry. You are able to upgrade in the future as more and more traffic travels to your site.

The Hit Me Please SEO Company

While looking around this site, make sure you get all of the free documents and newsletters sent to you as it will keep you informed as to what is out there in the world of SEO services. Please let us know if you need something specific, as we will try to make sure that we include it in our product. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, search engine optimisation is a valuable tool for your business, because the Internet knows no bounds.

There is a document on this site that you can buy for $67. It is quite an amazing document. It outlines every single thing you need to do to make yourself successful with search engine optimisation. So please purchase it and make sure you give it a go. When you come back to us wanting us to help you out, we will gladly take the $67 off the price of the SEO services you choose. So just go for it and learn as much as you can – there is no risk involved.

Thanks for reading this page. We look forward to working with you.

Kind Regards,
The Hit Me Please Team.
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